Laborare est Orare

This past weekend, my local valley of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite had their biannual reunion, which I always look forward to. While I was watching some of our degrees be communicated, one struck me that I hadn’t really put much thought into before. In it was contained a lesson that was exceptionally apropos at the time.

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What Is Your Jewel?

As anyone reading this blog would guess, my “Masonic Jewel” would be Truth. But what about others? Surely not every Mason is (or even should be!) a student of the esoteric, or of comparative religion, or of ancient language, etc. That sort of homogeneous fraternity would either crash and burn, or would flounder and get nothing accomplished. So, what of the other two Principal Tenets of Freemasonry? And what of those who desire them? How do these fit together? Those are questions I would like to explore.

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Three Types of Knowledge

When first initiated into the lodge as an Entered Apprentice, we state that we desire “Light in Masonry.” At the time, it may not be entirely evident what that light is. However, as we progress through our Masonic life, we learn that Light in Masonry is equivalent to knowledge, and in fact equivalent to certain kinds of knowledge. In the ancient Mystery School traditions, there were considered to be 3 primary types of knowledge, each one of which is exemplified by one of the three degrees of Masonry.

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Esoteric Roots of the Due Guards

This post is an abridged adaptation of an article I wrote entitled “Kabbalistic Roots of the Masonic Modes of Recognition in the Craft Degrees,” in which I explore some of the connections (as I see them) that exist between certain Masonic modes of recognition, and certain aspects of Kabbalistic though. That paper goes much more in depth than I will here, but I would like to share some of my findings with the world, since I find them fascinating. As a disclaimer, I will say up front that I will not break any of my obligations, but rather I plan to only allude to signs and symbols that any Master Mason should already be familiar with.

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A Short Sabbatical

When I originally created Three Knocks, I started it here at I felt, however, that it was somewhat limiting, so I decided to pursue my own domain name which I hosted at – don’t bother clicking on it, it’s no longer active.

As so often happens to us, life began to get in the way. I wrote one or two posts that I was very pleased with, but then this or that kept me from writing. As much as I love writing, and as much as I love exploring the light of knowledge – the lux scientiae that is the hallmark of our noble Fraternity – things just… got in the way. And now, after months of not paying for the domain or for the hosting, I have lost all the writing I had stored there.

But how did this happen? Certainly even the most celebrated Freemasons also have (or had) busy lives themselves – lives filled with work and family and hobbies and socializing. How is it that these esteemed brethren manage to produce volumes of work that inspire awe, yet I somehow couldn’t manage to write a short article once every month or so? What is it that makes my life so special and busy that I can’t make time for self-reflection and philosophical study?

These are all questions I’ve been asking myself lately. And they all keep bringing me back to the same moral symbol. Have you figured out what it is yet? Let me give you a hint…

24-inch Gauge

A very smart man once told me – or maybe he told somebody else – either way, it eventually made its way to me, that “there are many hours in a day.” And therein lies my answer. Oftentimes, the best answer is the simplest. And in this case, my Occam’s Razor was that there are simply “many hours in a day.”

“How will I find the time to study and write?”
“There are many hours in a day.”

“But what about work?”
“There are many hours in a day.”

“I’ve got to sleep sometime, right?”
“There are many hours in a day.”

It seems so simple, almost exceedingly so. However, it is true. No man should expect his day to be laid out before him; to expect this would be both arrogant and foolish. Like any worthwhile endeavor in life, no reward can be expected without work and diligence. We are given tools with which to work, but we must perform the work.

With that said, brethren, I have decided to relocate my blog back here to WordPress and start writing again. I am currently working through the Scottish Rite Master Craftsman program and the Guthrie College of the Consistory program. In conjunction with that, and with some of my recent study of esotericism and philosophy, I hope to write more often and share as much light as I’m able.

Let Him Enter in the Name of God

For this first post, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Ian. 3 years ago I knocked humbly at the west gate, and was initiated, then passed, then raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. I’m a member of Gate City Lodge #694 AF&AM in Greensboro, North Carolina, as well as a member of Chorazin Chapter #13 RAM, Greensboro Council #3 R&SM, and Ivanhoe Commandery #8 KT. For me, my Masonic journey is still just beginning. Though I’ve received light, there’s plenty more to receive – and plenty more to find within. Through this blog, through my thoughts and writings, I hope to come to more light and a better understanding of myself, my brethren, the Fraternity, and the spirituality therein. Read More…